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Yankee Park Entrance Sign

Yankee Park  (Big Long Lake)  Hudson, Indiana

     Yankee Park, HOA  was created in June of 1995 and has grown to a small, family oriented community where people are able to enjoy the lake while still having the peace and serenity of nature surrounding them. The park is a recreational park, meaning the gate opens for owners on the 15th of April and closes on October 15 each year.  The lake is a place for family and friends to come and relax throughout the summer months with the comfort of the lake front being close at all times. The park includes a private beach, boat ramp, a shared pier space ( for each member) and playground equipment available for summer fun.   Visit Us On Facebook

Big Long Lake

Big Long Lake is located in North East Indiana.  The lake is 360 acres and has been reported to be the second cleanest lake in the state.  A great ski and tubeing lake as well as some of the best fishing in this areaFor additional information on Big Long Lake visit the Big Long Lake Association web site.